Yogi Adityanath Stirs Controversy with Bold Claim: India’s Reclamation of ‘Sindh’ Debated

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasizes the importance of preserving Sindhi history and raising awareness among the present generation, highlighting the community’s significant post-Partition struggles.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath stated that terrorism, extremism, and anarchy cannot be recognized by any civilized society. (Photo: PTI)

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made a statement at the National Sindhi Convention, suggesting that if the disputed Shri Ram Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya can be reclaimed after 500 years, then there is no reason why India cannot take back the Sindh province, currently a part of Pakistan.

Adityanath emphasized the importance of the Sindhi community educating its present generation about their history, particularly the hardships faced after the Partition of India.

He criticized the partition and highlighted the loss of lives and the suffering endured by the Sindhi community during that time. Adityanath denounced terrorism, extremism, and anarchy, stating that no civilized society can endorse such acts. He stressed the need to eliminate evil tendencies and drew inspiration from religious scriptures that advocate protecting the good and eliminating evil for the welfare of humanity.

Adityanath expressed that a country and its religion are interconnected, and society exists within that context. He praised the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in combating terrorism and urged people to prioritize the nation’s unity and integrity.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the Sindhi community’s integral role in the Sanatan Dharma of India, commending their progress despite challenging circumstances. During the event, he honored billiards champion Pankaj Advani with the ‘Sher-e-Sindh’ award.

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