US Coast Guard Foils Massive Drug Smuggling Attempt: Submarine Seized with 17K Pounds of Cocaine

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US Coast Guard intercepts $232 million cocaine-laden vessel; Dramatic chase video shared years later.

Staggering $232 Million Worth of Cocaine Intercepted as US Coast Guard Boards Drug-Laden Submarine. (Photo: US Naval Institute/Twitter/India Today)

US Coast Guard shares gripping video capturing 2019 drug bust: 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized from narco-submarine. In the intense footage released on Wednesday, service members from the US Coast Guard Cutter Munro are seen intercepting a semi-submersible vessel in the Eastern Pacific.

Valued at $232 million, the captured cocaine showcases the relentless efforts of the Coast Guard in combating drug smuggling. Helmet camera footage reveals the dramatic chase and boarding operation, underscoring the bravery and skill of the Coast Guard crew.

In a gripping video, US Coast Guardsmen can be heard shouting commands as they intercept a drug smuggling vessel. “Stop the boat!” they repeatedly yell, their determination evident. Amidst the intense chase, one Coast Guardsman remarks, “That’s going to be hard to get on.” Undeterred, they leap onto the mostly submerged vessel, demonstrating remarkable agility and bravery.

The video concludes with a pivotal moment as a trafficker emerges, surrendering with hands raised high, while the Coast Guardsmen assertively issue commands, successfully bringing the operation to a close.

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