Typhoon Doksuri Hits Taiwan, China Braces for Landfall

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Southern Taiwan Shuts Businesses and Schools for Second Day Due to Typhoon Doksuri, Landslide and Flood Warnings Remain.

Man stands on capsized passenger boat in Binangonan, Philippines, July 27, 2023 – Image from Philippine Coast Guard video. (Photo: Reuters)

Typhoon Doksuri wreaked havoc in southern Taiwan, toppling trees, and leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without power. The storm forced authorities to shut businesses and schools for a second day due to landslide and flood warnings.

With winds reaching 191 km/h (118 mph), the typhoon crossed the Taiwan Strait and headed towards China’s Fujian province. Taiwan’s weather bureau categorized it as the second-strongest typhoon level.

The major port city of Kaohsiung was severely affected, with more than 186,000 homes losing power, and numerous trees brought down. The mountainous eastern and southern regions of Taiwan saw over 1 meter of rainfall.

To add to the turmoil, over 300 domestic and international flights were suspended, and railway services between the south and east were halted.

Additionally, the Taiwanese islands of Penghu and Kinmen were on high alert for “hurricane-force-wind” gusts of over 155 km/h (96 mph). The situation was dire, as the typhoon continued its destructive path.

Doksuri’s impact was not limited to Taiwan; it had already caused a tragedy off the northern Philippines, where a ferry sank near Manila, claiming 36 lives. As the storm approached China’s southeastern coast, authorities there were also bracing for its arrival on Friday.

Overall, Typhoon Doksuri left a trail of devastation and posed a significant threat to both Taiwan and southeastern China.

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