Trump’s Request: Transfer Lawsuit Barring Him from 2024 Elections to Federal Court

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A lawsuit has been filed asserting that a Civil War-era clause, barring individuals who previously swore allegiance to the Constitution and engaged in “insurrection,” bars Donald Trump from pursuing the 2024 election.

Trump Blasts Liberal Organization, Accusing Ties to Critics and Past Adversaries. (Photo: Reuters)

Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys have shifted a lawsuit aiming to prevent his 2024 White House run from a state to a federal court, marking the initial step in a complex legal battle likely heading to the US Supreme Court.

The liberal group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) initiated the lawsuit in a Colorado state court, asserting that a Civil War-era clause, prohibiting individuals who previously swore allegiance to the Constitution and engaged in “insurrection,” disqualifies Trump from running in 2024.

After the state judge recused himself due to an undisclosed conflict of interest, Trump’s legal team moved the case to federal court, arguing it involves constitutional matters.

CREW plans to request the case’s return to state court and seeks a swift ruling before Colorado’s Republican primary ballot deadline on January 5. This lawsuit is the first of potentially many challenges by CREW and other liberal nonprofits in various states, with the expectation that some may eventually reach the Supreme Court, which has never ruled on the clause. Trump has criticized CREW and labeled it the “TRUMP DERANGED CREW,” accusing it of unconstitutional attempts to disqualify him.

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