Transgender Men Make Bold Statement: 100+ Contest Miss Italy Pageant in Protest Against Trans Women Ban

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Over 100 trans men defy Miss Italy ban on trans women by entering the pageant. Their assigned female at birth status qualifies them, sparking unexpected progress in the competition.

In July, Rikkie Valerie Kolle made history as the first transgender woman to win the Miss Netherlands title. (Image Source: India Today)

After the Miss Italy pageant imposed a ban on transgender women participating in the competition, a significant protest unfolded as over 100 transgender men courageously entered the contest.

The ban was implemented following the groundbreaking victory of a transgender woman in the Miss Netherlands pageant, prompting Miss Italy’s organizer, Patrizia Mirigliani, to assert that only individuals assigned female at birth were eligible to compete.

Transgender activist Federico Barbarossa, having been inspired by Mirigliani’s remarks, defiantly entered the pageant using the name assigned to him at birth (dead name) to challenge the discrimination against trans women.

His application gained widespread attention after it was shared on Instagram by Mixed LGBTQIA+, a nonprofit organization he collaborated with, encouraging other trans men to unite in solidarity with trans women by joining the pageant.

Subsequently, the number of trans male contestants swelled to over 100, all meeting the technical requirement of being assigned female at birth. Some of these participants even advanced to the second round of the pageant, prompting the organizers to thoroughly review each application.

Barbarossa expressed hope that the pageant organizers would rethink their stance and consider the perspective of transgender individuals before implementing such discriminatory bans.

Ultimately, Barbarossa emphasized the need for greater understanding and acceptance, lamenting the misconception that trans people were not worthy or capable of aspiring to win beauty pageants.

He aspires to foster more inclusive attitudes and pave the way for a more accepting future for transgender individuals in beauty pageants and beyond.

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