Tragic ‘Honour’ Killings Claim Lives of 2 Teenage Girls and Man in Pakistan’s Punjab

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In a series of tragic incidents, three lives were lost in Pakistan as two teenage girls and a man fell victim to brutal killings carried out under the guise of “honour”. These acts of violence have shocked the nation.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the country witnesses the tragic loss of over 1,000 women each year in the name of “honour”. (Representative Image)

In a series of horrifying incidents reported in Pakistan’s Punjab province, two teenage girls and a man fell victim to brutal acts committed under the pretext of “honour.” According to police statements on Tuesday, the first incident took place in Sargodha district, located approximately 200 kilometers from Lahore.

Naseer Ahmad, the father, harbored suspicions that his 19-year-old daughter was engaged in a romantic relationship with a local man named Mukhtar. Tragically, Ahmad took the life of his daughter at their home before proceeding to Mukhtar’s location, where he fatally stabbed him.

Subsequently, the father surrendered himself to the authorities, acknowledging his involvement in the crimes. These distressing incidents have once again highlighted the urgent need to address the issue of “honour” killings in Pakistan.

In another incident, an 18-year-old girl was fatally stabbed by her brother, Ahmad Sher, in Chiniot city, located around 170 kilometers from Lahore. Sher claimed that he committed the act to safeguard the family’s honor.

Disturbingly, he disposed of his sister’s body in a drain. Sher was subsequently apprehended by the police, confessing to the crime and expressing his intention to harm his sister’s lover, who was not found in the town.

Additionally, in the same city, five brothers resorted to disfiguring a man by cutting off his nose and ear, accusing him of being involved with their sister.

According to the police, Bakhsh, Riaz, Ata, Ahmad, and Mukhtar confronted Nasir, whom they suspected of being involved with their sister, at an outhouse. They brutally assaulted him, leaving him severely injured and disfigured by cutting off his nose and right ear, after which they fled the scene.

One of the suspects was arrested, and the police have registered a case against all involved. These incidents once again shed light on the pervasive nature of honor killings in Pakistan.

Shockingly, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reports that over 1,000 women are killed every year in the country in the name of honor.

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