Texas authorities investigate mysterious death of 6 cows, tongues and jaws removed without visible bloodshed

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Stranded along a rural highway in Texas, six cows were discovered dead with their tongues surgically removed and no apparent signs of bloodshed, leaving authorities baffled and searching for answers.

Local police in Texas report that six cattle have been found dead under mysterious circumstances. (Photo: Getty Images/Representational)

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Texas was left puzzled when they received reports from ranchers about six cows found dead along a state highway. According to CNN, the cows had their tongues removed, leaving authorities perplexed as there were no signs of blood spilled.

The incident started when ranchers in Madison County reported finding a longhorn-cross cow, which was 6 years old, lying dead and mutilated. Soon after, similar incidents were reported across the state, prompting the authorities to coordinate efforts between different agencies. The investigation into the mysterious deaths of the cows is currently underway.

Officials were left perplexed when they discovered that the tongues of the six cows found dead in Texas had been removed with surgical precision, leaving no signs of blood spillage.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported that the hide on one side of the cow’s mouth had also been removed with a clean and precise cut. The absence of any signs of struggle around the animals was particularly strange, as the grass around them was completely undisturbed, and there were no footprints or tire tracks in the surrounding area.

The bizarre incident has left authorities scratching their heads and trying to piece together what happened to the cows. An investigation is currently underway.


Further details have emerged regarding the mysterious deaths of six cows in Texas, with officials revealing that there were no signs of struggle around the animals, and that the grass around them was undisturbed.

As the investigation into the death of the longhorn-cross cow continued, authorities discovered that five more cows had been found in a similarly brutal condition, adding to the mystery and concern surrounding the incidents.

Adding to the perplexing nature of the case, the six cows discovered dead along a rural highway in Texas were from different pastures and herds, and were found at different locations along the state highway in nearby Brazos and Robertson counties. It’s unclear at this point what exactly caused the cows’ deaths or who or what may be responsible, but authorities continue to investigate the strange and unsettling incidents.

The strange and unsettling deaths of six cows found in Texas have taken a bizarre turn with further details emerging. The investigation into the mysterious deaths of six cows in Texas took a disturbing turn when it was revealed that two of the cows had been found with circular cuts made around their anus and external genitalia, with the same precision as the cuts made around their jaw lines.

According to reports, the remains of the cows were left untouched by predators or birds for several weeks, adding to the mystery of the incidents. The official cause of death for the cows has yet to be determined.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the death and mutilation of the cattle along TX-OSR, and is coordinating with other agencies to solve the case. Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to contact investigators at 936-348-2755.

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