Terrifying Mishap Leaves Thrill-Seekers Dangling Upside Down for Half an Hour at Canadian Theme Park

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Near-Disaster at Canadian Amusement Park: Visitors Trapped Upside Down for Nearly 30 Minutes as ‘Lumberjack’ Ride Malfunctions.

The Lumberjack ride at a Canadian park malfunctioned, leaving guests hanging upside down. (Photo: India Today)

Visitors to a Canadian amusement park endured a terrifying ordeal as they found themselves trapped upside down on a ride for nearly 30 agonizing minutes. Wonderland amusement park in Ontario issued a statement confirming the incident, which occurred on Saturday at 10:40 pm, revealing that their ‘Lumberjack’ ride had malfunctioned, leaving guests suspended in an inverted position.

After a heart-pounding half-hour, the ride’s operators successfully brought it back to its normal position, alleviating the distress of the stranded riders.

The prolonged ordeal left some of the riders feeling extremely uneasy due to their prolonged inversion. Two guests even reported experiencing chest pain, prompting immediate attention at a health center within the park. Fortunately, they were discharged after examination, without the need for further medical intervention, as stated by the park.

In response to the incident, the amusement park has temporarily closed its doors, presumably to ensure the safety and functionality of its rides.

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