Sikkim: Army rescues 2,000+ stranded tourists in North Sikkim amid bad weather

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Indian Army and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) rescue over 2,000 stranded tourists in North Sikkim amidst heavy rainfall, flash floods, and landslides; temporary crossing built for evacuation.

Hundreds of stranded tourists in flood-hit North Sikkim district being rescued in ongoing operations. (Photo: India Today)

In a remarkable operation, the Indian Army, in collaboration with the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), successfully rescued over 2,000 stranded tourists in North Sikkim. The tourists had been left stranded due to devastating landslides caused by heavy rainfall in the region.

Following torrential rain on Friday, North Sikkim experienced flash floods, leading to road blockages and the destruction of a bridge near Chungthang. This unfortunate event left approximately 3,500 tourists stranded in the affected area.

Responding swiftly to the crisis, the troops of the Striking Lion Division, Trishakti Corps, along with the BRO, immediately took action despite the challenging weather conditions.

They worked tirelessly throughout the night to construct a temporary crossing over the flash flood area, enabling the safe rescue of the stranded tourists.

Not only did the army and BRO provide a means for the tourists to cross the river, but they also offered essential support. The rescued individuals were provided with hot meals, tents for shelter, and necessary medical assistance.

This joint effort by the Indian Army and BRO showcases their dedication and commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens, even in the face of adverse circumstances.

Efforts are underway to restore road connectivity in the affected areas of North Sikkim, while the evacuation of stranded tourists continues. To cater to their immediate needs, tents and medical aid posts have been established.

The Indian Army, known for its presence in the challenging Himalayan terrain, remains actively engaged in providing assistance to both tourists and the local population.

The flash floods, triggered by continuous rainfall, have caused major disruptions in North Sikkim, resulting in the closure of highways and leaving hundreds of tourists stranded.

The Pegong area has been particularly affected, leading to the complete shutdown of National Highway 10.

Initial reports on Friday highlighted the plight of numerous individuals, including tourists, who were stranded on both sides of the national highway.

To facilitate communication and address concerns regarding stranded tourists, the North Sikkim district administration has set up dedicated helpline numbers: 8509822997 and 116464265.

Meanwhile, the authorities are committed to providing all necessary assistance to the tourists until the routes are cleared, enabling them to continue their journey. The presence and proactive approach of the Indian Army in this challenging situation demonstrate their dedication to supporting both locals and visitors in the region.

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