Rishi Sunak in Delhi for G20: Firm Stance Against Khalistani Extremism in the UK

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UK Collaborates with Indian Government to Combat Pro-Khalistani Extremism, Affirms Rishi Sunak.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Photo: Getty Image)

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, during his visit to Delhi for the G20 Leaders’ Summit, unequivocally condemned all forms of extremism and violence in the UK, including pro-Khalistani extremism. He expressed the UK’s commitment to collaborate with the Indian government in addressing the issue.

Sunak revealed that UK’s security Minister had recently engaged in discussions with Indian counterparts, emphasizing the establishment of working groups to facilitate the sharing of intelligence and information to combat violent extremism.

This statement followed a March incident where pro-Khalistan elements attacked the Indian High Commission in London, causing concern in India. In response, the UK government pledged to review security at the Indian High Commission in coordination with the Metropolitan Police to ensure the safety of its staff.

Furthermore, during the 5th India-UK Home Affairs Dialogue, both countries discussed Khalistani activities and protests in London, with India urging the UK to closely monitor such activities and take appropriate action against those involved. Prime Minister Sunak’s remarks underscore the UK’s commitment to countering extremism and fostering cooperation with India in this regard.

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