Rishi Sunak: Condemns Antisemitism Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict in UK

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During the Israel-Hamas conflict, UK PM Rishi Sunak vows to safeguard the Jewish community in Britain, offering strong support.

Sunak decries “disgusting” surge in antisemitic incidents following last week’s Hamas attack on Israel. (Photo: AP)

Amid the ongoing conflict between Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel in the Middle East, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged to protect the British Jewish community.

In response to those inciting tensions, he warned against causing disturbances in the UK. In a statement on X, he expressed solidarity with the British Jewish community, vowing to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety.

He condemned the rising incidents of antisemitism and hateful behaviors both online and in the streets, asserting that such actions would not be tolerated in the country.

London’s Metropolitan Police reported a significant increase in antisemitic incidents, prompting heightened vigilance and police presence. Sunak also announced increased funding to safeguard local Jewish institutions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan assured longer police shifts to maintain city safety, with officers positioned within synagogues for support. The police had visited schools, synagogues, mosques, and places of worship, anticipating potential tensions.

Additionally, there was an uptick in Islamophobia incidents. Counter-terrorism police arrested a woman for allegedly supporting Hamas following a speech at a protest.

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