Protesters Rally Outside BBC London Office Demanding Hamas to Be Labeled ‘Terrorists’

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Approximately 250 Demonstrators Converge Outside BBC London Headquarters, Demanding the Broadcaster to Recognize Hamas as ‘Terrorists’.

Among the demonstrators, slogans like “Shame on You” resounded through the protest. (Photo: AFP)

Approximately 250 protesters assembled outside the BBC’s London headquarters on Monday to express their discontent with the broadcaster’s consistent refusal to label Hamas as terrorists.

The demonstration, organized by Jewish groups, featured chants of “Hamas, terrorists” and “Shame on You” as demonstrators criticized the BBC’s editorial stance of referring to Hamas as militants or a militant group.

Israeli flags waved, and posters displaying images of Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas were held aloft. The National Jewish Assembly, the organizers, took to social media to emphasize that “this is no time for the BBC to call Hamas anything but terrorists.”

UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps echoed this sentiment, citing the government’s 2021 proscription of Hamas as a terrorist organization. Conversely, BBC’s world affairs editor, John Simpson, argued that using the term “terrorists” would imply taking sides.

The BBC defended its stance, emphasizing its commitment to impartial reporting and clarifying that Hamas is proscribed as a terrorist organization by the UK and other governments.

Pro-Palestinian groups, however, accused the BBC of complicity, vandalizing its Broadcasting House headquarters with red paint and alleging it had “blood on its hands.”

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