PM Modi to Perform Sacred Tamil Ritual for Installing Sengol in New Parliament

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Installation of Sengol in New Parliament Building: Insights into the Historic Ritual on May 28.

Historic Golden ‘Sengol’ to be Reintroduced in New Parliament Building.

In a momentous occasion set to take place on May 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will ceremoniously install Sengol, a symbol of Indian independence, in the new Parliament building.

This historic event will witness Sengol being placed next to the Lok Sabha Speaker’s seat, signifying its prominence.

Sengol, crafted in Tamil Nadu, holds profound historical value as it was originally presented to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, by Lord Mountbatten in 1947.

This golden sceptre, adorned with a majestic ‘nandi’ (bull) on its pinnacle, symbolizes the transfer of power from British rule to the hands of Indian citizens.


Sengol holds immense historical significance.

During the grand inauguration of the new Parliament building on May 28, a momentous event will unfold as the Sengol, a revered symbol of Indian independence, is ceremoniously transported to its new abode.

The occasion will be infused with rich Tamil traditions, according to sources. Leading the majestic procession will be a group of skilled musicians playing the enchanting tunes of the Nadaswaram, a classical instrument synonymous with Tamil Nadu’s cultural heritage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is anticipated to walk alongside these musicians, embracing and honoring the essence of Tamil culture in this historic moment.

Adding to the grandeur of the event, the well of the Lok Sabha will witness the presence of revered priests known as ‘Adheenams’ from Shaivite mutts in Tamil Nadu. As the procession reaches the Well, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will extend his greetings to these priests.

Subsequently, the priests will perform a sacred purification ritual of the Sengol using holy water, infusing it with divine blessings.

In the backdrop, the enchanting voices of ‘Oduvars,’ the Tamil temple singers, will fill the air with melodious renditions of the ‘Kolaru Padhigam,’ accompanied by the soulful tunes of the Nadaswaram group.

Following this deeply reverential ceremony, the Sengol, now sanctified, will be handed over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With utmost reverence, he will install the historic golden sceptre within a protective glass case, placing it adjacent to the Speaker’s seat in the new Parliament building.

This symbolic act will signify the dawn of a new era in India’s democratic history, celebrating the fusion of Tamil culture and the essence of India’s vibrant democracy.

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