Pension reform protesters attack French President Macron’s favorite bistro in Paris

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On Thursday, amidst ongoing tensions over the contentious pension reforms, demonstrators targeted one of French President Emmanuel Macron’s preferred restaurants in Paris.

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Paris: On the eleventh day of nationwide protests against pension reforms in France, demonstrators attacked La Rotonde Bistro, a restaurant favored by President Emmanuel Macron, in Paris. Riot police formed a barricade around the restaurant as protesters threw bottles and paint, briefly setting it on fire.

 La Rotonde had previously hosted a celebratory dinner for Macron during the 2017 presidential election, which had drawn criticism. Protests against Macron’s flagship reform, which raises the retirement age by two years to 64, began in mid-January and have continued despite some violence. Labor unions have called for another day of nationwide protests on April 13, a day before the Constitutional Council’s decision on the reforms on April 14.

Photo by PTI

According to the interior ministry, around 570,000 people participated in the strikes on Thursday, but unions disputed the figure, claiming the actual number was closer to two million. Macron has defended the reform as necessary, but protesters remain determined to continue their demonstrations. In addition to the attack on La Rotonde, striking railway workers also stormed the former headquarters of Credit Lyonnais bank in Paris, which currently houses BlackRock investment company and other businesses.

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