Papua Rebels Claim Responsibility for Killing 9 Indonesian Army Soldiers

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Papua Separatist Rebels Reportedly Kill 9 Indonesian Army Soldiers After Failed Negotiation Request. Group Shifts Demand from Independence Recognition to Dialogue.

(Image source – Reuters)

After Jakarta’s Non-Response to Negotiation Request, Separatist Rebels in Indonesia’s Papua Region Reportedly Kill Nine Army Personnel, Rebel Spokesperson Confirms on Sunday.

Herman Taryaman, Military Spokesperson in Papua, Confirms Saturday Attack by Separatist Rebels but Unable to Confirm Soldiers Killed Due to Weather-Related Communication Disruption.

West Papua National Liberation Army, Who Abducted New Zealand Pilot in February, Shifts Demand from Independence Recognition to Dialogue, as Stated to Reuters This Month.

Rebel Spokesperson Sebby Sambom Urges Indonesian and New Zealand Governments to Free Hostages Through Peaceful Negotiations, as Stated in Recorded Message on Sunday.

Sebby Sambom Accuses Indonesian Military and Police of Attacking Civilians on March 23, Stating That Retaliation Has Begun. Fighting Ongoing as of Sunday.

Herman Denies Allegation of March Attack on Civilians, Claims Security Forces Were Protecting Civilians Fleeing from Rebels. Evacuation Efforts Ongoing, Requests Prayers for Search of Captured Pilot, Phillip Mehrtens,” says Herman, Military Spokesperson in Papua.

Analysts Note Decades-Long Low-Level Battle for Independence in Resource-Rich Papua Region, with Recent Intensification in Armed Conflict Between Rebels and Security Forces.

Tension Persists Since Controversial 1969 UN-Supervised Vote that Brought Former Dutch Territory Under Indonesian Control.

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