Pak Army claims protests over Imran Khan’s arrest failed to achieve in 75 years what enemy couldn’t do

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Pakistan’s army has shown patience and restraint despite ongoing vandalism and arson during protests across the country, according to an official statement.

A police officer carrying a machine gun passes by a burning car amidst a protest by supporters of Imran Khan in Peshawar. (Photo: AFP)

In an official statement today, Pakistan’s Army declared that the day when former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested – May 9 – would be recalled as a dark chapter, as protesters resorted to vandalism and arson to demonstrate against the arrest.

The Army claimed that it has displayed “extreme patience, tolerance, and restraint” without considering its own reputation. It further stated that the political group, wearing a cloak of politics, in its thirst for power, has accomplished what the country’s eternal enemy could not achieve in 75 years.

According to a statement, “May 9 will be remembered as a dark chapter.” The Chairman of PTI was taken into legal custody by NAB officials from the Islamabad High Court. The statement further noted that immediately after his arrest, organized attacks on Army properties and installations took place, and anti-army slogans were raised.

The statement claimed that there are evil elements that vigorously manipulate public sentiments to achieve their limited and selfish objectives. These same elements hypocritically emphasize the importance of the army for the country, while simultaneously deceiving the public. The Army foiled a conspiracy by providing a mature response, preventing the conspirators from using it for their nefarious political purposes.

The statement alleges that there were orders, directives, and instructions from some wicked party leaders behind the organized attacks on the Army properties, and that there was complete pre-planning involved.

The statement asserts that facilitators, planners, and political activists involved in the recent operations that resulted in widespread violence, arson, and chaos across Pakistan have been identified. Strict legal action will be taken against these individuals, and they will be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

The statement issued by the Army warned that any future attack on the army, law enforcement agencies, military or state installations and properties will be met with severe retaliation by the group that aims to push Pakistan into a civil war and has repeatedly attacked them.

The statement also emphasized that no one could incite people and take the law into their own hands. The violence erupted in Pakistan after Imran Khan, the country’s former premier, was dramatically arrested by armed paramilitary forces from the Islamabad High Court premises on Tuesday.

After Imran Khan’s arrest on Tuesday, his supporters reacted by storming the residences of senior army officers and the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, as well as blocking highways and pelting stones.

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