Netherlands train crash: One killed and 30 injured in train accident near The Hague

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“Black day for Dutch Railways”-A passenger train derailed near The Hague, hitting construction equipment on the track, resulting in dozens of injuries.

Photo by PTI

A train partially derailed near The Hague in the Netherlands, resulting in at least one fatality and around 30 serious injuries. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday in the town of Voorschoten, but the cause of the crash is still unknown.

The Dutch emergency services responded to the accident, and many of the train carriage windows were found broken. It is unclear whether the passengers broke the windows in an attempt to escape or if they were damaged during the derailment.

Photo By PTI

Television footage showed people crossing a canal using makeshift bridges to reach the stranded train in the darkness. After the train derailed in Voorschoten, the injured people received treatment near the rails before being transferred to hospitals, including a specialized “calamity hospital” located in the central city of Utrecht.

While some Dutch media sources have suggested the possibility of a small construction crane being present on the tracks, the authorities have not yet confirmed this information.

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