Mount Etna’s volcanic ash disrupts flights as it covers Catania airport runways

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Flight services came to a halt as Mount Etna’s volcanic ash cluttered the runways at Catania airport in eastern Sicily.

Spectacular lava flows descend from erupting Mount Etna, viewed from Pizzi Deneri in Catania, Sicily, Italy. (Photo: Reuters)

Airport authorities announced that flights to and from Catania, a city in eastern Sicily, were suspended on Sunday due to volcanic ash from the nearby Mount Etna eruption.

With a height of 3,330 meters (10,925 feet), the volcano is known for its frequent explosive activity, often ejecting lava and ash into the sky above the Mediterranean island. The most significant eruption occurred in 1992.

According to a statement on Twitter by the airport, flights to and from Catania, a renowned tourist spot, were temporarily halted until safety conditions could be restored.

The Italian media depicted images of vehicles in the city coated with a layer of dark, gritty volcanic dust.

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