Monsoon Tragedy: 50 Lives Lost in Pakistan’s Deadly Rains

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Deadly monsoon rains in Pakistan claim 50 lives, primarily in Punjab province. Electrocution and building collapses are the main causes. In total, 87 people have been injured during this year’s monsoon season.

Karachi Commuters Brave Flooded Roads Amid Devastating Monsoon Season in Pakistan. (Photo: Reuters)

Since last month, monsoon rains in Pakistan have led to floods and landslides, resulting in the deaths of at least 50 people, including eight children. The monsoon is crucial for agriculture and food security in South Asia but also brings hazards like landslides.

The majority of fatalities occurred in Punjab province, primarily due to electrocution and building collapses. In total, 87 people were injured during this period, according to national disaster management officials.

In the Shangla district of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, eight children’s bodies were recovered from a landslide. Rescue efforts are ongoing to find other trapped children. Lahore experienced record-breaking rainfall, leaving a significant portion without electricity and water.

The Meteorological Department predicts more heavy rainfall nationwide, posing a risk of flooding in Punjab’s major river catchment areas. Climate change is attributed to heavier and unpredictable seasonal rains. Pakistan, despite low greenhouse gas emissions, is highly vulnerable to extreme weather events.

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