Mississippi tornadoes: 1 dead, multiple injured in destructive path

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In overnight Mississippi tornadoes, 1 person killed, several injured. Drone footage reveals destruction of homes and uprooted trees.

Tornadoes captured in drone footage show wreckage of houses and trees. (Photo: AP)

Overnight, multiple tornadoes swept through Mississippi, resulting in one fatality and nearly two dozen injuries, as reported by officials on Monday.

The town of Louin experienced the most significant damage, with drone footage and photos revealing extensive debris, destroyed homes, and damaged trees. Lester Campbell, standing in front of his damaged home, identified his cousin, George Jean Hayes, as the person who tragically lost their life.

Campbell described the tornado’s sudden arrival, recalling a roaring sound like a train. He took shelter in a closet with his wife and later witnessed emergency workers carrying his injured cousin to an ambulance, but she unfortunately passed away before reaching the hospital.

According to Becky Collins, spokesperson for the South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel, most of the injured individuals in Jasper County, including George Jean Hayes, were taken to the medical center between 2 and 3 a.m. Around 20 people sustained bruises and cuts, with most being in stable condition by Monday morning.

The National Weather Service’s meteorologist, Eric Carpenter, explained that the area experienced an unusually strong jet stream, leading to the formation of a tornado near Louin, which then traveled about 7 miles south to Bay Springs.

Typically, tornadoes occur in Mississippi during early to mid-spring, but Carpenter described the timing of these tornadoes, accompanied by thunderstorms, hail, and high temperatures, as a highly uncommon situation. He compared the current weather patterns in June to what is typically seen in March and April.

Notably, on March 24, a devastating tornado wreaked havoc in western and northern parts of Mississippi, claiming the lives of at least 26 people and causing extensive damage to thousands of homes. Rebuilding efforts in some impoverished towns within the Mississippi Delta region pose a significant challenge.

Multiple tornadoes struck Mississippi, including Rankin County near the capital city of Jackson. Search and rescue operations were underway, and drones were used in inaccessible areas due to downed power lines.

Another possible tornado hit Moss Point, causing severe damage to homes and leaving eight people briefly trapped in a bank. Flash flood warnings were issued in Jackson County.

Over 49,000 homes were without power, and the state opened command centers and shelters for those displaced. Many houses were demolished, while some residents, like Campbell, considered themselves fortunate despite significant damage.

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