Massive Arms Cache Intercepted: Major Smuggling Operation Foiled in Manipur via Nagaland

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Acting on specific intelligence, the Assam Rifles and Kohima Police join forces to intercept a significant cache of weapons, ammunition, and explosives en route to violence-hit Manipur via Nagaland.

In a successful joint operation, the Assam Rifles and the Kohima Police successfully recovered a substantial cache of arms and ammunition. (Photo: India Today)

In a well-coordinated operation, the Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the Kohima Police, successfully intercepted a massive cache of weapons, ammunition, and explosives intended for violence-stricken Manipur.

The joint operation, executed in the early hours of Monday, was prompted by credible intelligence received by the authorities. Commencing at 2 am on June 26, the Assam Rifles and Kohima Police meticulously monitored a suspicious vehicle for nearly four hours, leading to the crucial recovery.

In a significant triumph against insurgent activities, the Assam Rifles, in conjunction with the Kohima Police, carried out a successful operation that thwarted a major incident intended to target security forces and government agencies stationed in Manipur.

At approximately 6 am, the joint team meticulously searched the intercepted vehicle, resulting in the seizure of two pistols accompanied by four magazines, ammunition, explosives, and other war-like stores.

This operation serves as a crucial setback for the insurgents and reinforces the commitment of the Assam Rifles and Kohima Police in ensuring the safety and stability of the region.

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