Kuki Tribals in Moreh Accuse Torture, Police Cite Foreigner Raids in Manipur

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Kuki community in Moreh claims security forces are terrorizing them, while police assert they’re conducting foreigner detection raids.

Manipur Police Detain 44 During Moreh Operation; 32 Revealed as Burmese. (Image Source: India Today)

Members of the Kuki-Zo community in Moreh have accused security forces of terrorizing them, while Manipur Police stated they were conducting search operations to identify illegal immigrants from Myanmar.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) claimed that the Meitei Police commandos had initiated a campaign of terror, with 12 villagers, including a handicapped man, arrested, and tribal homes looted and burned in Sinam village en route to Moreh.

The killing of police officer Chingtham Anand Kumar had escalated tensions in Manipur, prompting the deployment of over 20 vehicles carrying security personnel.

In response, Manipur Police detained 44 people during the operations, of which 32 were Burmese, and 10 Myanmarese individuals were taken to the Foreigner Detention Centre in Sajiwa.

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