Kim Jong Un’s Treasonous Decree: Halt North Korean Suicides as Rates Soar

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Kim Jong Un Labels Surging Suicides in North Korea as “Socialist Treason”; Local Officials Face Accountability for Failing to Prevent Self-inflicted Deaths.

Attendees of the meeting convened by Kim Jong Un expressed profound shock upon the revelation of suicide notes that openly criticized both the country and its social system. (Photo: Reuters)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Ban on Suicides Amid Soaring Rates, Reports Radio Free Asia. According to government officials, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued a directive to local authorities to prohibit suicides in response to a concerning surge in numbers.

Obtaining accurate figures on suicides in the secretive nation is challenging, as the regime typically avoids disclosing such information. However, the South Korean National Intelligence Service estimated a 40% increase in suicides compared to the previous year.

Kim Jong Un characterized suicide as an “act of treason against socialism.” The order further stipulated that local government officials would be held responsible for their failure to prevent self-inflicted deaths within their jurisdiction.

An anonymous official from North Hamgyong province revealed to Radio Free Asia that an undisclosed suicide prevention order was relayed during emergency meetings held by party committee leaders at the provincial, city, and county levels.

The official disclosed that the meetings included data regarding suicide rates, along with distressing instances of entire families taking their own lives.

According to the official, attendees of the meetings were left “shocked” upon being presented with suicide notes that criticized the country and its social system.

The order, aimed at preventing suicides, was delivered in a confidential manner, indicating the gravity of the situation.

An additional anonymous official, this time from the neighboring province of Ryanggang, shared with Radio Free Asia that the prevalence of suicide was becoming more prominent in the community than the issue of starvation.

Despite the existence of a ratified suicide-prevention policy under the general secretary, the officials admitted their struggle to find appropriate solutions, as per Radio Free Asia’s report.

The information received highlighted that severe poverty and starvation were the primary factors behind the majority of suicides.

Disturbingly, the meetings held to address the issue involved graphic discussions, detailing cases of suicide, including more instances of entire families taking their own lives. The gravity of the situation was palpable during these discussions.

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