Jyoti Maurya: Love, SDM, and Betrayal

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Jyoti Maurya, an SDM in Uttar Pradesh, and her husband Alok, a Class-IV employee, captivate the nation with their controversial tale, sparking a nationwide debate.

Alok Maurya’s claim of funding his wife’s studies and her subsequent departure after becoming an SDM ignited a heated social media debate. (Photo: India Today)

The tumultuous tale of Jyoti Maurya, a civil servant in the Uttar Pradesh government, and her husband Alok has gripped the nation. Fueled by a viral video of Alok tearfully lamenting Jyoti’s departure after she became an SDM, the story unfolds with elements of infidelity, corruption, death threats, and sexism.

While some view it as a case of a successful woman facing societal envy, others argue it as a story of a wronged husband. Social media platforms have erupted with discussions and debates surrounding the hashtag ‘Jyoti Maurya bewafaa hai’ (Jyoti Maurya is unfaithful), making it a sensational topic online.

In a video that went viral on social media in late June, Alok, a Class-IV employee in Uttar Pradesh, accused his wife Jyoti of infidelity and expressed his emotional turmoil over their failing marriage and inability to see his children.

Alok revealed that he had supported Jyoti financially, even taking a loan, to enable her to pursue coaching for her dream of becoming a state government officer. Their efforts paid off in 2015 when Jyoti achieved the 16th rank in the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Civil Service examination, coinciding with the birth of their twin daughters.

In a few years, the dynamics of Alok and Jyoti’s relationship took a drastic turn. Alok alleged that Jyoti, now a sub-divisional magistrate, started looking down on him and began an affair with Manish Dubey, a home guard commandant in Ghaziabad.

Alok claimed to have discovered WhatsApp chats between Jyoti and Manish, and in 2020, he allegedly caught them in a compromising situation. Growing suspicious of Jyoti’s frequent “official visits” to Lucknow, Alok secretly followed her and discovered that she spent nights at a hotel with Manish. Alok confronted Jyoti, and she introduced Manish as her lover.

He accused his wife, Jyoti, of corruption, alleging that she had earned around Rs 6 lakh through dishonest means. He also claimed to possess evidence in the form of a 100-page diary. Additionally, Alok alleged that Jyoti and her lover, Manish, conspired to have him killed, and he presented WhatsApp chats as proof. Both the corruption charge and the death threats are currently under investigation, with the Uttar Pradesh home guard unit and Dhoomangunj police station involved, respectively.

Following Alok’s viral video, Jyoti Maurya responded with counter-claims. She stated that Alok had misrepresented his occupation as a gram panchayat officer during their marriage proposal, even printing it on their wedding invitation cards.

Jyoti also accused Alok of distorting her WhatsApp messages with Manish, which had circulated on social media. She filed a complaint against Alok under the Information Technology Act and emphasized the ongoing investigation to uncover the truth.

Jyoti and Alok Maurya’s story became a social media sensation, triggering polarized reactions. Some sympathized with Alok, criticizing Jyoti for betraying him despite his efforts to support her dreams. The hashtag ‘Jyoti Maurya bewafaa hai’ (Jyoti Maurya is unfaithful) emerged on Twitter and Instagram, while YouTube comments called for a ‘national commission for men.’

However, others condemned this response as misogynistic, asserting a woman’s right to education and independence. The story also gave rise to fake news, including false claims about married women being asked to leave coaching institutes in Prayagraj to avoid similar situations.

Controversy surrounding Jyoti Maurya takes a new twist as a viral video allegedly featuring her using casteist slurs surfaces. Jyoti denies its authenticity, and police are investigating. Similar incidents have emerged, raising doubts about genuine cases versus attention-seeking ploys.

In Buxar, a woman named Khushboo seeks police intervention to pursue her coaching classes, emphasizing she won’t repeat Jyoti Maurya’s actions. The stark contrast between reel life and real life, exemplified by Heera Thakur and Alok Maurya, is highlighted.

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