Israeli Student Escapes Hostel During Firing Scare: 45 Minutes of Fear

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Returning from Israel during the Hamas war, a student near the Palestine border recounts being trapped in her hostel during a nearby terrorist attack.

Aanchal Choudhary, a Shekhawati native, returned to India on the fourth charter flight landing in Delhi on Sunday from Israel. (Image Source: India Today)

A student hailing from Rajasthan, who had recently returned from Israel amid the ongoing Hamas war, shared her harrowing experience.

She disclosed that her hostel was situated near the Palestine border, and during her stay, terrorists had initiated an attack near her institution.

This led to her and her friends being trapped inside the hostel for 45 minutes while exchanges of fire occurred between the Israeli military and the terrorists.

Fortunately, the Israeli army successfully neutralized the attackers.

She reached out to the Indian Embassy for assistance, commending their efforts in contacting Indians in danger zones through WhatsApp alerts and setting up shelter homes.

Aanchal’s mother expressed her gratitude to the Indian government for bringing her daughter safely home.

The Israel-Hamas conflict, now in its eleventh day, has seen a devastating toll with over 4,000 casualties on both sides.

Hamas has hinted at using captured Israelis as bargaining chips for the release of Palestinian prisoners. The situation has forced many to flee their homes in the Gaza Strip, and Israel’s ground offensive could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis.

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