Israel-Hamas Conflict: Claims Over 1,000 Lives, Including US and French Nationals

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The Israel-Hamas conflict has resulted in a tragic death toll exceeding 1,000, with confirmed casualties from the US, France, and Nepal among those lost in the ongoing conflict.

Thousands Injured in Ongoing Conflict Since Hamas Attack on Saturday. (Photo: India Today)

The Israel-Hamas conflict has escalated dramatically, with the death toll now exceeding 1,000 people in Israel and Gaza. The violence erupted when Hamas terrorists launched more than 3,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel, prompting retaliatory strikes by the Israel Defense Forces.

In the midst of this chaos, hundreds of Israelis gathered at a central police station in search of information about their missing loved ones. The Israeli government reported that over 100 people have been captured by Hamas terrorists and held as hostages in Gaza, though the exact number of missing individuals remains unknown.

The conflict has spread across various regions, with at least 700 Israelis, including soldiers, killed and over 1,900 injured. In Gaza, there have been more than 413 deaths and approximately 2,300 wounded due to Israel’s counterattacks.

Meanwhile, in Northern Israel, Hezbollah, the Lebanese Islamist group, launched mortar shelling targeting Israeli posts, leading to Israeli artillery strikes into Lebanon and a drone attack on a Hezbollah post near the border. The situation in the region remains highly tense.

Tragically, the violence has also affected citizens of other nations. An Egyptian police official opened fire on Israeli tourists in Alexandria, resulting in the deaths of at least two Israelis and one Egyptian guide. Thailand reported that 11 of its citizens were captured by Hamas, potentially transported to Gaza, and emphasized their innocence in the conflict.

Reports also emerged of a British citizen missing after a Hamas attack on a music festival near Gaza. Three Americans were killed in Hamas attacks on Israel, while France confirmed the death of a French citizen and Ukraine reported the deaths of two of its citizens in Israel.

In response to the crisis, the United States pledged to send additional equipment, supplies, and weapons to support the Israel Defense Forces. President Joe Biden assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of further assistance. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, expressed strong support for Israel following the recent Hamas attacks.

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