Interstate US Highway Collapses in Philadelphia due to Tanker Truck Fire

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The I-95, a vital north-south highway spanning from Florida to Canada, experiences a major collapse in Philadelphia after a tanker truck ignites.

According to US authorities, it took nearly an hour to bring the fire under control. (Photo: Reuters)

During the early hours of Sunday, a catastrophic incident occurred on an elevated section of a heavily traveled interstate highway in the United States.

The incident unfolded when a tanker truck transporting flammable cargo caught fire, resulting in the collapse of the highway.

According to authorities, the tanker was carrying a significant quantity of a petroleum product, potentially hundreds of gallons of gasoline.

This unfortunate event took place on the I-95, a crucial segment of the main north-south highway along the US East Coast, which extends from Florida all the way to Maine and Canada.

According to Brad Rudolph, a spokesperson from the state Transportation Department, an incident occurred around 6:15 am on a ramp underneath the northbound I-95.

The crash resulted in significant damage to the southbound lanes, which is currently being evaluated by authorities.

Following the explosion of the tanker on that particular section of I-95 in the northeast corner of the city, thick smoke engulfed the area. It took nearly an hour for firefighters to bring the fire under control.

Officials have issued warnings about extensive delays and street closures, urging drivers to steer clear of the affected area.


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has confirmed that due to the fire, all lanes between Exit 25 and 32 on I-95 had to be closed.

Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania stated in a press briefing on Sunday evening that although at least one vehicle was trapped beneath the collapsed roadway, no immediate reports of injuries have been received.

According to a Philadelphia Fire Department official who spoke to the Associated Press, the northbound lanes of I-95 were completely destroyed, while the southbound lanes were severely affected by the intense heat generated by the fire.

The White House press official revealed that President Joe Biden had been briefed on the collapse, highlighting the significance and attention given to the incident at the national level.

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