India’s Strategic Leverage: Threatening Canada’s Key Interests

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Indian international students in Canada: major economic contributors, boost real estate, and gig economy; India’s withdrawal could harm Canada significantly.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s G20 Summit visit to Delhi worsened his strained relations with India due to his support for Khalistani elements in Canada. (Photo: AFP)

India’s diplomatic battle with Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has escalated, causing anxiety among the Indian student community in Canada. The recent confrontation between the two countries resulted in the suspension of visa facilities in Canada by India, as well as the expulsion of diplomats and the issuance of advisories for their citizens from both sides.

This situation, combined with threats from Khalistani terrorists, has left Indian students and their parents worried about their safety and well-being. The tension has also raised concerns about the future of Indian students studying in Canada and the impact it could have on various sectors of the Canadian economy.

India holds significant leverage in this situation. If India were to further deteriorate its relations with Canada and restrict the outflow of students, it could have a severe impact on Canada’s post-secondary education system, private colleges, and the real estate market.

Indian students contribute approximately 40% of the international student population in Canada and bring in billions of dollars to the Canadian economy each year. Their absence could lead to mortgage defaults, an acute labor shortage, and a significant loss of revenue for the Canadian economy.

However, it is worth noting that the long-term friendship between India and Canada is expected to remain unaffected. Canada relies on skilled immigrants, and despite the current tensions, the need for Indian talent in Canada is unlikely to diminish. While the situation raises short-term concerns, the hope is that the political leadership of both countries will work to diffuse fears and tensions, ensuring the safety and well-being of Indian students in Canada.

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