Indian Youth Congress Demands Dismissal of Manipur BJP Government Amidst Rising Violence

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Hundreds of Youth Congress Workers Protest at Shastri Bhawan, Delhi, Condemning Manipur Violence and Targeting the Narendra Modi-led Government.

Delhi Police Arrest Indian Youth Congress Workers During Protest Against BJP Government in Manipur and at the Centre. (Photo: India Today)

Members of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) staged a protest in Delhi today, condemning the violence in Manipur and calling for the dismissal of the BJP government in the northeastern state. During the demonstration near Shastri Bhawan in the national capital, hundreds of Youth Congress workers displayed placards criticizing the Narendra Modi-led central government for its handling of the Manipur issue.

The Delhi Police detained a few protesters, and the area was barricaded to restrict their movement. The IYC’s protest sought to draw attention to the ongoing violence in Manipur and push for the removal of the BJP government implicated in the unrest.

Srinivas BV, the national president of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC), raised questions regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to the ongoing violence in Manipur.

Addressing the situation, Srinivas BV stated, “The Prime Minister can travel on the Metro, hold election rallies in Madhya Pradesh, sabotage governments in Maharashtra, but he neither said a word nor visited Manipur, which has been burning for almost 60 days now. He did not even appeal for peace. Why?”

(Photo: India Today)

Srinivas BV further demanded answers regarding the dismissal of the BJP government in Manipur, asking, “When will the BJP government in Manipur be dismissed? When will the President’s Rule be imposed there?”

He criticized both the state and central governments for their failure to restore normalcy in Manipur, as violence between the Meitei and Kuki communities has persisted since May 3. The Opposition has intensified its criticism of the governments, putting pressure on them to take immediate action in resolving the situation.

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