Gundogan’s Confidence: Manchester City’s Treble Victory Foreseen

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Gundogan’s Belief in Manchester City’s Treble Triumph, “Something Clicked” as Captain Leads Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup Victories.

Gundogan, as the captain, led the City side to a historic treble victory. (Photo: Reuters)

Ilkay Gundogan, the former Manchester City midfielder and captain, has revealed his foresight in predicting the team’s triumphant treble victory this season. As City clinched the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup titles during the 2022/23 campaign, they joined the ranks of English football history.

Despite facing a moment when Arsenal held an advantage in the EPL title race, Gundogan confidently asserted that a turning point had occurred, leading him to believe in their ultimate treble success. In an article for the Players Tribune, the German midfielder described how everything fell into place for City, even as they chased down Arsenal’s lead.

“This season, something clicked. I just knew we were going to do it. I don’t even mean just the Champions League. The Premier League, the FA Cup — everything. Week after week, I just felt everything lining up perfectly. Even when we were 10 points behind Arsenal, I knew we would win the league. We already had such a strong foundation for so many years with guys like Kevin, Kyle, John, Phil, Bernardo, and Ederson, but then you add in characters like Erling and Jack, and it gave us another edge,” expressed Gundogan.

In a Monday announcement, it was revealed that Gundogan would be joining Barcelona on a free transfer. The 32-year-old admitted that it was a bittersweet moment for him, as he became quite emotional while informing his City teammates.

Gundogan stated that he was proud to leave City as a champion and expressed nothing but love for the club.

“Today is bittersweet. Goodbyes are never easy, but it’s even harder with this team. When I had to break the news to the boys that I was leaving in our group chat, I was very emotional. I will miss all of them, honestly. But I am happy to say that I’m leaving here as a champion, and I have nothing but love for the club in my heart. How many footballers can say goodbye as the captain of a treble team?” shared Gundogan.

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