‘Godfather of AI’ leaves Google over AI risks

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Here’s what the ‘Godfather of AI’ said as he quit Google, citing the dangers of AI.

Geoffrey Hinton (Noah Berger / AP)

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “Godfather of AI,” announced on Monday that he left his job at Google to raise concerns about the potential “dangers” of the technology he played a significant role in creating.

Hinton’s pioneering work on neural networks helped shape the artificial intelligence systems that power many modern products. Although he had worked part-time on Google’s AI development projects for a decade, he now expresses reservations about the field and his role in advancing it.

Geoffrey Hinton stated in an article in The New York Times, as reported by IANS, that he comforts himself with the thought that if he hadn’t helped create AI, someone else would have.

However, in a tweet, he clarified that he left his position at Google so that he could express his concerns about the possible dangers of AI without worrying about how it would affect Google.

Hinton also added that he believes Google has acted responsibly in the field of AI.

Geoffrey Hinton tweeted on Monday that he left Google to freely express his concerns about the risks associated with AI, rather than to criticize Google specifically.

As lawmakers, advocacy groups, and technology insiders continue to raise concerns about the potential for AI-powered chatbots to spread misinformation and displace jobs, Geoffrey Hinton’s decision to leave Google and speak out about the technology comes at an opportune time.

Last year, the popularity of ChatGPT sparked a competition among tech companies to develop and implement similar AI solutions. OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Baidu, and Tencent are among the companies leading this development.

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