G20: India Becomes World-Ready, Says S Jaishankar

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Jaishankar: G20 showcases India’s culture, heritage, and global readiness, fostering a mutually beneficial “world-ready” exchange between India and the world.

S. Jaishankar Minister of External Affairs of India (Photo: ANI)

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar highlighted the G20’s role in shaping India’s global readiness and enhancing mutual global engagement. During a press briefing on the G20 Summit outcomes, Jaishankar emphasized India’s presidency’s focus on addressing pressing concerns of the Global South.

While acknowledging that the G20 isn’t the platform for resolving geopolitical and security issues, leaders recognized their potential impact on the global economy.

They discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine and its repercussions on developing and least developed nations still recovering from the pandemic and economic disruption. Food, fuel, and fertilizer concerns were also addressed.

Jaishankar noted that countering terrorism and money laundering were key subjects of discussion, with leaders condemning terrorism in all its forms.

Under India’s presidency, the African Union joined the G20, reflecting India’s commitment to addressing Global South issues. Jaishankar highlighted the extensive organization of events across 60 Indian cities, showcasing popular participation and societal involvement.

The G20 proceedings generated strong interest among the youth and served as a platform to showcase India’s culture and heritage. Jaishankar concluded by emphasizing how the G20 had made India world-ready and the world India-ready.

The leaders’ declaration focused on sustainable growth, progress on SDGs, a green development pact, and high-level principles for sustainable development lifestyles.

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