Devastating Russian Missile Attack on Ukraine Energy Facilities Leaves 18 Injured

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Russia’s largest missile attack in weeks on Kyiv and Ukraine caused power cuts and damaged energy facilities, leaving 18 wounded.

Russia’s largest missile attack in weeks on Kyiv and Ukraine caused damage to energy facilities and power cuts. (Photo: Reuters)

Russia launched a major missile attack on Kyiv and various parts of Ukraine, causing significant damage to energy facilities and resulting in power cuts. At least 18 people were wounded in the attack.

Partial power cuts were reported in multiple regions, reminding people of a previous Russian air campaign that caused widespread outages.

Ukrainian grid operator Ukrenergo confirmed damage to energy facilities in the western and central regions.

Ukrainian armed forces reported that Russia fired 43 cruise missiles, with 36 of them being intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses.

The attack caused loud blasts in Kyiv, resulting in injuries and damage to infrastructure. Separate attacks were reported in other regions, and Ukraine continued its counteroffensive against Russian forces. However, there is no independent verification of these reports.

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