Delhi Hit by Floods: Roads Underwater, Massive Jams, Metro and Schools Shut

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As Hathnikund barrage in Haryana continues to release water, the water level in Yamuna reached 208.41 metres at 6 am today.

The water level in Yamuna has risen to 208.66 metres at 7 pm today. (Photo: India Today)

New Delhi: The water level in Yamuna has risen to 208.66 metres at 7 pm today, which is three metres above the danger mark. Homes have been flooded, public transport has been disrupted, and emergency measures have been taken due to the situation.

The Hathnikund barrage in Haryana is releasing water into the river, which has been requested by the Arvind Kejriwal government to be stopped by the central government, but the excess water from the barrage had to be released. It is expected that the water discharge will decrease later in the day.

The Beas river swelled during a heavy rainfall situation in Kullu district, causing damage to the region. (Photo: PTI)

The flood situation has been worsened by heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, causing the Haryana barrage to fill up. The monsoon has caused severe damage in the hill state, with homes collapsing and bridges being swept away.

Finally, the continuous rain and the flood have affected train schedules, with 342 trains being disrupted in the last five days, causing the Northern Railway to cancel 140 trains.

The posh Civil Lines area in Delhi has been affected by waterlogging, with floodwaters barely 350 metres away from the residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the state assembly.

(Image Source: NDTV)

Traffic has been disrupted on several roads, including parts of the arterial Outer Ring Road, and traffic diversions have led to massive jams.

The Yamuna Bank Metro station on Blue Line has been shut due to waterlogging on the approach road, with trains running at a restricted speed on Metro bridges on all lines.

Following a Delhi Disaster Management Authority meeting, Chief Minister Kejriwal ordered the closure of all schools and colleges until Sunday, with government employees, except emergency services, to work from home.

Private offices have also been advised to choose the work-from-home option. Water services in some parts of Delhi have been affected, with three water treatment plants having been shut down. Chief Minister Kejriwal has stated that water supply will return to normal as soon as the waterlogging clears.

Due to flooding caused by rising water levels in the Yamuna river, people have been evacuated from low-lying areas in Delhi. (Photo: India Today)

The National Disaster Response Force has deployed several teams who are evacuating citizens whose homes have been flooded. Visuals have depicted people being rescued on boats from areas where the water level is at chest level. Chief Minister Kejriwal has appealed for citizens’ cooperation in the evacuation process, with the safety of human life being the top priority.

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