Climate Activists Vandalize Walmart Heiress’ Rs 30 Crore Yacht: “You Consume, Others Suffer”

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In a powerful act of protest against climate change, climate activists in Spain defaced the superyacht of Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie.

Opulent features including a swimming pool, aquarium, and helipad draw attention to Laurie’s yacht. (Image Source: @FuturoVegetal)

A group of climate change activists in Spain made a bold statement by defacing Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s Rs 30 crore superyacht just before its scheduled departure from Ibiza island. Members of the Spain-based environmental group, Futuro Vegetal, used fire extinguishers filled with red and black paint to smear the superyacht.

Against the backdrop of the yacht’s smeared front, the activists held a poster that read, “You consume, others suffer.” The group expressed their views on Twitter, stating that the current economic system perpetuates the privileges of a small elite class at the expense of others, leading to ecological and social collapse.

They emphasized the need for people to unite against the powerful and drive change in the agricultural and food systems to mitigate the severe consequences of climate chaos.

The Futuro Vegetal group justified their targeting of Laurie’s yacht by highlighting her status as the world’s wealthiest woman, with an estimated net worth of $7.77 billion. The attack came in response to a call from the activist organization Extinction Rebellion Ibiza, which had demanded a ban on private jets and luxury yachts due to environmental concerns related to emissions.

Laurie’s superyacht had garnered attention for its lavish features, including a swimming pool, aquarium, and helipad. It boasted additional amenities such as a cinema, spa, and a hospital facility for medical emergencies.

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