18K cows perish in Texas farm explosion, deadliest barn fire in US history

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The deadliest barn fire in US history claimed the lives of over 18,000 cows in Texas after an explosion at a farm.

(Image source – Reuters)

A tragic incident unfolded at Southfork Dairy Farms, a family-owned dairy farm in Texas, where over 18,000 cows lost their lives due to a devastating explosion and fire on Tuesday.

This heartbreaking event now stands as the deadliest barn fire in US history, as reported by Reuters. The cause of the fire remains unknown, and the farm owners have not yet made any statements regarding the incident.

The Castro County Sheriff’s Office shared alarming images of flames rapidly engulfing a building and spreading into holding pens. In the midst of the blaze, firefighters bravely rescued a trapped individual from the burning structure, according to the Sheriff’s Office. This adds to the gravity of the situation at Southfork Dairy Farms in Texas, where over 18,000 cows perished in what is now recorded as the deadliest barn fire in US history.

As a precautionary measure for public health and safety, all roads leading to the farm have been closed. The magnitude of the massive fire has prompted the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), one of the oldest animal protection groups in the US, to advocate for federal laws aimed at preventing barn fires that result in the tragic loss of hundreds of thousands of farm animals annually.

Reuters reported that only a few states in the US have implemented fire protection codes specifically for such buildings, and currently, there are no federal regulations in place to safeguard animals from such devastating fires, according to the AWI.

The recent blaze at the Texas farm stands out as the most devastating barn fire involving cattle in the US since the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) began monitoring such incidents in 2013. Over the past decade, approximately 6.5 million farm animals have tragically lost their lives in barn fires, with poultry being the most affected species.

This highlights the urgent need for improved fire safety regulations and measures to protect vulnerable farm animals from such catastrophic events.

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